TOO MUCH TALENT :) Line up the Vinyl Game!

I have a confession. 
Oh my!  This used to get on my nerves soooo bad.  My mom had a saying, "Practice Makes Perfect".  No matter what is was, whatever I would try to do... She would say this!  "Practice Makes Perfect"
This used to make me madder than H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS.  lol  But she made her point.  I know I am not a fan of layering vinyl.  So instead of me telling you "practice makes perfect", let's play a game! 

This design has a shadow that has already been "knocked out" or "subtracted from the main letters.  All you have to do is line it up.  So, technically it's not layering, (kinda) it's just lining it up. Good thing about this design is though, even if it's not perfect, it's still going to look pretty cool!  (And if all else fails, you can still just delete the black portion of the design and it will still be super cool!  ;)  

So let's play the "LINE IT UP GAME"!  :) Create a version of this design project using whatever media you like (such as on a shirt or a sign) and submit a photo to  !  Deadline to enter is 9/24/18 with a max of 10 submissions.  I don't care if it's not perfect, if you sumbit your photo (of this design), I will let you pick out any design in the shop and I will email it to you for free!  (Deadline 9-24-18 or up to 10 photo submissions)

:)  So either way you will win if you play the game!  (hopefully this will give you some practice, or if you are talented at lining it up, I want to see!!!  :) <3  This will be fun.  :)  

*** Please remember, we do NOT give constructive criticism around here unless someone has asked for it!
This is a fun, kind & loving learning environment for the VCI Family!  

Ok VCI Family!  Let's have some fun!!!  
You get the FREEBIE design file by signing up to the newsletter at:

P.S.  I'm going to rate this design with a scale of: 1 being the easiest to 10 being the hardest.  I consider this a difficulty level of 8.5.  (TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK) so don't waste all your vinyl if it doesn't work out.  "YOU CAN DO IT"


<3  Have a wonderful day!!!


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