Cricut Explore Air VS. Silhouette Cameo

The first question I always hear… Which vinyl cutting machine should I buy? The Silhouette Cameo or the Cricut Explore?  Both machines have pros and cons, but let me tell you there are other machines on the market such as the Brother Scan and Cut as well as many others…  Here is the research I have done just for you…

Let’s start with the Cricut Explore:


1.)  Stronger than the Silhouette Cameo and can cut a wider variety of materials

2.)  Software is easier to navigate

3.)  The blades last longer with more precise cuts – smart cut blade


1.)  You must have an internet connection to use the software

2.)  You can only cut up to 23.5 inches total length as opposed to the Silhouette Cameo

3.)   There is software lag time because it is a web-based software

Silhouette Cameo Pros:

1.)    Can cut over 24 inches as in banners (up to 10 Feet)

2.)    Do not have to have internet connection

3.)    Lots of images in the image bank for .99 cents

Silhouette Cons:

1.)   Software is confusing, better suited for experienced designers

2.)   Always need a new blade for precise cuts

3.)   Lacking in customer support

I tried my best to point out evenly for both machines the pros and cons.   After my research from other users I am happy that I personally have the Cricut.  Let me also tell you that I previously had the Cricut expression, but with the update I was sad because I could not use my sure cuts a lot software with it (for my own designs.  So I had to make a decision as to whether to purchase the Cricut explore, silhouette cameo or brother scan and cut.  I already had the Cricut cutting mats, so I went ahead with a Cricut purchase.  And after more research, I have also heard that the Cricut mat and tools are better as well.  I hope this helps you with the tough decision on which machine to buy… HAPPY CRAFTING!

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