Different Types of Vinyl

There are many different types of vinyl and choosing the correct one for your project can be confusing.

***  This is the best tip I can give for getting started… The dollar store and the dollar tree carry adhesive vinyl!  Yes they do!!!  Now you can get started with a roll of vinyl from the dollar store for $2-4.  This will allow you to practice for cheap without wasting expensive vinyl (and save a lot of money)  when you are just starting out!  It’s called magic cover and it’s usually used for lining kitchen cabinet drawers but can be used for wall art as well.  I also use this vinyl for testing my designs on and as a stencil for my wood signs.  I can’t tell you how much money I have saved…  The second tip is for heat transfer vinyl.  When cutting this vinyl out, also make sure to flip your design before cutting!!!  HTV can be very expensive!  Some people make a design to always remind them to “FLIP YOUR IMAGE”… They put this little reminder right on their machine.  Ok, let’s get started with the list.

Oracal® 651 –  This is the most commonly used vinyl.

Oracal® 631 –

Oracal® 6510 –

Oracal® 751 –

Oracal® 951 –

Adhesive Glitter Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl – HTV  – There are many brands on the market but the most popular one is by a brand called Siser.

Siser Easy Weed

Siser Easy Weed Stretch

Siser Glitter