8/1/17 – Cricut Announcement is Bursting at the Seams!!!

Announcement – 3 New Products are being released.

Cricut Bright Pad is strong and comes in 4 colors.  (Announcer drops it on floor to show it is strong) lol

Cricut Easy Press  – 60 seconds working time… comes with safe base.

Cricut Maker – (New Machine) A tool for every maker!  This is truly a revolutionary machine.  You can cut fabric. (has rotary cutter blade) can cut 270 different types of fabric.  They are linking 100 sewing patterns!  This is awesome for the sewing industry!!! They are also partnering with Riley Black Designs.  🙂

Check the video out to see more!  Thanks for visiting, <3 Tanaria

Thanks to these wonderful ladies for streaming live so we could hear the announcement!  Thanks so much!!! <3