Football Earrings! <3 Football Season Is Here! 2018

(I think) LOL

This might be a love/hate question.  Do you love football?  

I have actually been to some Saints Football parties.  (partially)  My best friend in MS, (we will call her Kim) and her family would be watching the Saints Football games... They would have tons of family over!  They were screaming and having so much fun!!!  That was ones of my "happy" memories from childhood.  :)

On another note... we have players kneeling at the national anthem.  eeck

On a deeper note,  I have heard of married people getting divorces because the wife feels the husband loved football more than her.  :(  

Please kindly, tell me your thoughts on football in the poll I just created in facebook.   Here is the group link to join.

I'm interested to know your thoughts. 



p.s. If you like football, you can check out the design I created for these awesome football earrings!  :)