Just getting started – What supplies will I need?

Computer – First of all, you will need a computer.  It’s important to remember that most software used with vinyl cutters will require a windows based operating system.

Vinyl Cutter – Different machines listed on this page.  Click here

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Vinyl– you can get started with vinyl from the dollar tree or dollar store.  It’s not as thick as the siser vinyl but it will allow you to practice for pennies on the dollar!  I use it all the time to make my wood signs.  The kind I buy from the dollar store is called magic cover.   There are many many many different kinds of vinyl…

Transfer Tape –  I actually have 2 kinds.  A clear kind and a masking tape kind.  I like the masking tape kind better because it is not as sticky.

*** Tip: Rolls come in different sizes. I like to make sure I get 12″ tall, and if you get the 100′ rolls, it will last you almost forever! 😉

This is the masking tape kind. Downside to this is you can’t see through it.

This is the clear application tape below.

Cutting Mat – This is the 12″ x 12″.  Make sure you also get the 12″ x 24″ inch mat if you plan on doing larger projects.

Cutting Blades

Craft Tools 

Tweezers for Weeding

The items below are not required to get started but will be very helpful.

Light Box – oh my, these eyes need one!  lol