What I use to Seal My Wood Signs with

Ok, I just found the best sealant for my wood signs.  This is Frank T Ross Weldbond All-Purpose Glue – Universal Space Age Glue.  (More than great glue!)

I very happy with the results on my wood signs!!!

In the first sign (white) one, I mixed just a little bit of water and it left a very nice sheen on the surface of the wood.  On the black sign, I mixed a lot more water because I didn’t want the sign to have a gloss finish!


Most of the time I never seal the vinyl on my wood signs, but I will be from now just for extra protection and longer life…

This glue is awesome!  Not only can you seal your vinyl on your wood signs, with this glue,,, you can seal just about anything!  It can be used with wood, tile, and even glass.

It’s also a bonding agent for concrete and plaster!  It completely dries within 1 hour and cures within 24 hours!

Yes, I have found my new best friend!  You can purchase this awesome glue on ebay or amazon or even your local walmart, and the price is right…

I originally was going to use Modge Podge but it wasn’t adhering my painted vinyl from the dollar store to my sign, so I decided to give this a try and it worked perfectly!

I’m so happy about this glue… I will probably be using it on every craft I make!!!  And another couple pluses… It is non-toxic and not tested on animals!  woo hoo

Next test will be glitter!!!  I’m really hoping it won’t dull the sparkle,,, so stay tuned and I will let you know about the glitter test!

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Thanks so much! <3 Tanaria